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Fall is in the air! We should hopefully have puppies around the first week in December so if you are looking for a great addition to the family reserve yours now!

Is your pasture or lot full of weeds or saplings and scrub cedars? Don't have the money or time to spray? Or don't like to use chemicals? We have the answer for you! You can rent our goats, they LOVE the weeds and leave all the good grass for your cows or horses or just as a lawn. Contact us for details!

Quality over Quantity!
Great American Quarter Horses that are versatile enough to work the ranch all week and take you to the pay window on the weekend!


4B Farms Boer Goats

We have 4B Sentry's Rambo that is eligible to be registered, a Kiko buck and a spotted buck that we recently purchased. We look forward to seeing the kids we get from both of them. We have had a lot of really nice kids from Rambo, many 4H champions. We do lease the bucks when we are not using them so if you are interested in expanding your bloodlines please contact us for details.

Breeding Services Available - Please contact us for info.

We now have 3 bucks in our herd, FB Vipers Rambo is 7/8 Boer, Harley is a Boer/Kiko cross and Spot is a polka dotted Boer Cross. This will be the first year for kids out of Harley and Spot and we are excited to see the kids they give us! To see pictures of the kids when they get here click on the Goat Sale Barn. We will also have several kids out of Rambo, he throws a lot of really great color! Our goal is to have at least 400 nannies by the end of 2014. We are going to make some of our goats available for weed control in pastures so if you have weeds that you would like to eliminate without using chemicals please contact us.

FB Viper's Rambo
FB Viper's Rambo - Boer


Spot - Spotted Boer Cross

This is a picture of Spot when we first got him, he has matured and REALLY filled out. I will get more pictures when weather allows.


Harley - Boer/Kiko Cross



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