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Fall is in the air! We should hopefully have puppies around the first week in December so if you are looking for a great addition to the family reserve yours now!

Is your pasture or lot full of weeds or saplings and scrub cedars? Don't have the money or time to spray? Or don't like to use chemicals? We have the answer for you! You can rent our goats, they LOVE the weeds and leave all the good grass for your cows or horses or just as a lawn. Contact us for details!

Quality over Quantity!
Great American Quarter Horses that are versatile enough to work the ranch all week and take you to the pay window on the weekend!

4B Farms of Grinnell, Kansas Contact Information:


Daniel & Carol Buck

12008 West Road 110 South
Grinnell, Kansas 67738

Phone: 785-824-3217
Cell: 785-824-8052
e-mail: cbuck894 @ 4b-farms.com



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