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Puppies have arrived. Be sure to check out their pictures on the Miniature Aussies For Sale page!

Is your pasture or lot full of weeds or saplings and scrub cedars? Don't have the money or time to spray? Or don't like to use chemicals? We have the answer for you! You can rent our goats, they LOVE the weeds and leave all the good grass for your cows or horses or just as a lawn. Contact us for details!

Quality over Quantity!
Great American Quarter Horses that are versatile enough to work the ranch all week and take you to the pay window on the weekend!

4B Farms of Grinnell, Kansas

4B Farms can be found in the North western corner of Kansas where people appreciate and need good working animals. The weather and the country can be tough and the people and the animals have to be tougher, and have to be willing to put in an honest, hard days work. We love every minute of living here and we enjoy producing quality American Quarter Horses, American Paint Horses, and working dogs like the Miniature Australian Shepherd that make any job a pleasure. We raise Boer and Boer Cross meat goats because the meat is healthy for you and great tasting.

What We Do:

We take pride in raising good minded working and performance horses with excellent conformation and athletic ability. Our primary stallion, RVA Prom Annette Son,"Dillon", is 93.75% Foundation bred with Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, and Peppy San Badger on his papers, his next generation includes King, Royal King, and Doc O'Lena twice! Our upcoming stallions, Hombres Bartender and Rusty Iron Cadillac, are Genuine Hombre, Genuine Doc, Two ID Bartender, Iron Cadillac, and Tiger Leo bred. Click on this link to go to our Stallions page to see more on these fantastic boys.

We don't forget to give credit to the fantastic bloodlines of the mares also. Some breeders say the mare is even more important so we have some of the best bloodlines there also. You will find Zippo Pine Bar, Jackie Bee, Beau Bonanza, Doc Bar, Mecca San Leo, Holidoc, Seven S Baldy, and Two Eyed Jack just to name a few. To see our lineup go to the Horses, and then Mares page. And to see what good breeding produces, check out our Foals page!

We have puppies!!

Jasmine and Whiskey have a beutiful litter of six. We only have one female in this litter, a pretty little red merle. We have 1 red tri, 1 black tri, 1 black bi, 1 blue merle, and 1 red merle male.

For more information go to our Aussies For Sale page.


Whiskey Jasmine
Whiskey - Blue Eyed Blue Merle & Jasmine - Black Tri


Jasper & Nena Puppies

Born November 28 these are some gorgeous puppies with dark copper. Go to the Aussies For Sale page to see more pictures!










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